Get Grippy with Arundel

  • Gecko Stays Tacky When Wet

In our opin­ion, Arun­del offers some of the best bar tape and at the best price. Arun­del offers three dif­fer­ent styles of bar tape; Gecko, Fur, and Cork. The Gecko is shop owner Bill Buckwalter’s favorite because it main­tains a tacky tex­ture even in the wettest of con­di­tions. So whether you’re sweat­ing it out in the sad­dle or caught in a down­pour you can trust the Gecko tape to hold tight. For those look­ing for a tape that damp­ens road vibra­tion, look no fur­ther than the Cork. It’s Arundel’s thick­est and soft­est tape. The Fur feels like “vel­vet” and never becomes slick. It lays flat and has a very styl­ish matte fin­ish. Check out our Face­book page for a lim­ited time deal, where we will wrap your bars for free when you pur­chase any Arun­del bar tape from Ride On. We sell all Arun­del tapes for $11.99 and offer them in black, gray, white, blue, red and yellow.