Ride On car­ries prod­ucts that offer you the best value for your money. We not only sell our prod­ucts but we use them and we use them a lot!  We carry Can­non­dale, Giant, Felt and Elec­tra brand bicy­cles because they pro­vide a wide range of bikes and acces­sories.  Can­non­dale has a full line of adult bikes that focuses on road and moun­tain.  Giant has an even greater selec­tion with kid’s bikes, adult com­fort bikes and all the way up to high end road bikes. Felt makes won­der­ful road and triathlon bikes with cut­ting edge aero­dy­nam­ics as well as pro­vid­ing rugged and durable moun­tain bikes.  Elec­tra pro­vides a com­fort­able cruise around town on their styl­ish and fun bicycles.

We picked up Allied in 2018 because they offer custom built-in-the-U.S.A. top of the line road and gravel bikes. Whether it's their all day comfort Alfa Allroad  for mixed surface riding, or their gravel-cruncher Able that allows you multiple tire and wheel combinations, we've been impressed with their bikes. The Able was the winner of the Men's and Women's divison of the Dirty Kanza. They are lightweight, tight, durable, agile and all around awesome!! We can build them to your specs! Stop in and check them out and see why many riders are transitiong to just one bike! 

We also carry ebikes beause they are great for commuting, tooling about town, running errands or keeping up with your spouse so you can enjoy riding together! We carry the 20-28 mph throttle Aventons starting at $1000, the Giant Lafree and SportE, the awesome pedal forward Electra Townie Go's and Cannondale's Treadwell. If you haven't experienced an ebike yet, stop in and test ride one! 

For cycling gear and apparel we like Sugoi, Endura and Swiftwick. From head to toe these brands have us and our cus­tomers cov­ered with the high­est qual­ity gear.

Every cyclist must have a repair kit and water bot­tles for every ride. When it comes to stor­ing those items, we look no fur­ther than Arun­del. This US based com­pany makes durable and spa­cious sad­dle bags with a sleek and min­i­mal­ist design.  Their cages are made from light­weight mate­ri­als and you’ll find no tighter grip from any other set of cages.  Never lose another bot­tle.  Arundel’s best prod­uct is their han­dle­bar tape. Even with their low prices Arun­del offers some of the high­est qual­ity han­dle­bar tape. Stop at the shop to grab a pack.

For com­po­nents Ride On has fallen in love with Shi­mano and SRAM. Each with their own spe­cialty, we know that either will have your dri­ve­train run­ning smoothly and qui­etly.  For ped­als we pre­fer Speed­play because they offer the sim­plest clip in tech­nol­ogy on the mar­ket.  For wheels we firmly stand behind Tru Wheels because of their dura­bil­ity and even bet­ter cus­tomer sup­port. They are custom built and come with a lifetime warranty. Lastly, for pre­ci­sion com­po­nents we look no fur­ther than Industry Nine Pre­ci­sion Components.

If you’re like us you pre­fer never get­ting lost on rides and also record­ing your rides. For those rea­sons we have cho­sen Wahoo and Garmin. Both offer smart trainers and cut­ting edge  GPS nav­i­ga­tion systems. 

Looking to take your riding to the next level?  We offer bike fits for comfort, speed and endurance. Along with a good fit, a good coach can take you up a notch as well. Scott Speicher is USCF coaching certified and has an impressive record of helping riders reach their goals, from world wide triathalon qualifiers to locals hoping to win the gravel series. Give us a call to chat with Scott about coaching options. 

 Stop in, say hi, check out our bikes and accessories and test ride an Allied or ebike today! 

We proudly sell prod­ucts from the fol­low­ing companies: