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Eat To Ride And Recover With Pro Bar Meal Bars

Eat to Ride and Recover with Pro Bar Meal Bars
Pro Bar Ingredients

The first thing you’ll notice about a Pro Bar whole food meal bar is that you can actu­ally read and under­stand the ingre­di­ents label. They con­tain things like organic rolled oats, organic cashew but­ter, organic sun­flower oil, fresh fruits and live greens. Even when you get to the bot­tom of the list, which is where things usu­ally start to sound syn­thetic, Pro Bars keep it real. Every ingre­di­ent is cer­ti­fied organic and all ingre­di­ents are blended, not baked, so you get the full punch of the enzymes, vit­a­mins and min­er­als with­out hav­ing to add arti­fi­cial ones.