Riding 101

Balance Bikes 101

True 101 riding starts with the balance bike. Now this is a product we can really get behind! We watched out granddaughter, Claire, maneuver one at the age of two. She  quickly learned to “fly” on it, whether it was pavement, grass, dirt, hills, etc... The spring  she turned three, her daddy put her on a two wheeler w/o training wheels and off she tottered. These days she rides both. She’s faster on the balance bike but loves her “big people bike" as well. 

The balance bike is a great concept that has taken off. This bike without pedals is designed to do just as its name suggests – to teach a child to balance. They do it effortlessly. The transition to a two wheeler w/o training wheels is easy, by passing the training wheel stage completely. However, not all balance bikes are equal. Steer clear of the cheaper models with plastic wheels. Yes, they’re lighter, but they don’t have the stability and traction a bike with a rubber wheel has. Spend a little more and get one you can pass down for generations. 

We carry the Kazam and the Giant Pre’s. Both are good choices. The Kazam also comes with a plastic wheel (which we don’t carry); steer clear. We are a Strider dealer as well but carry those only as ordered as they are quite a bit more expensive for virtually the 

same product. We think you’re paying too much for the name. Strider makes a pair of skis that attach to the wheels to turn a balance bike into a balance sled. This is a great option for enjoying them in the snow. With a little maneuvering, they can be adjusted to fit the Kazam and Pre as well. The balance bike is a great “Shark Tank” invention that we highly recommend to our little folks.  Come test ride one today!