How To Look Good Off The Bike — Hincapie Casual-Wear

  • Hincapie Moro Jeans

It’s no secret that half the fun of cycling is sport­ing all the cool apparel avail­able. Did you know you can look just as cool off the bike? Hin­capie casual apparel, designed by George Hin­capie, for­mer long­time team­mate of Lance Arm­strong, has an awe­some line of jeans. If you’re com­fort­able with a lit­tle Latin flair and some­thing gen­tly hug­ging your rear end all day, (enough so that you may butt dial your wife a few times a day) you’ll love his jeans.

I’ve tried a few of his jeans, from the very dec­o­ra­tive pock­ets to the more rugged plain look, and I love the way they fit and feel. They’re 99% cot­ton with a touch of Lycra thrown in to allow for free­dom of move­ment. They’re fash­ion­ably and com­fort­able low rise and straight legged. They offer dou­ble nee­dle stitch­ing for rein­force­ment and long wear. And they just plain look cool. Guar­an­teed – you’ll get com­ments from the oppo­site sex. Ask me about my recent ele­va­tor experience!

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