Garmin Varia Tail Light

Getting hit from behind is the leading cause of cycling fatalities in the U.S.  While a mirror is a good resource for letting you know what’s coming behind you, it also causes you to take your eyes off the road in front of you for an instant. Your focus is drawn to your helmet or handlebar mirror just long enough to hit someone’s rear wheel or the pot hole in front of you. Garmin’s Varia taillight is an ingenious alternative.

This bike radar system syncs with your Edge computer (or you can buy a separate front display unit) and lets you keep your eyes focused forward, where they should be. The Varia lets riders know that vehicles are approaching from a distance of 300 meters. It can warn you of up to 5 vehicles approaching, their approximate speed and threat level.

The taillight brightens and flashes to let motorists know you’re there, while at the same time warning riders behind you that vehicles are approaching. While it won’t keep drivers from hitting you, it will keep you focused on defensive riding as it alerts you to threats behind you.  

We’ve been riding with them at Ride On for quite some time and wouldn’t be without them! In fact we feel naked and vulnerable without them. Stop in. We’ll send you out on a test ride on our bikes and let you see for yourself what a difference it makes!